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An a mural of the Los Angeles skyline.

Can a mural be printed?

Murals can be printed directly onto walls

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A modern cafe interior featuring a vibrant wall mural that complements the overall design aesthetic.

How do I sell the benefits of wall art and murals into my commercial design projects?

Transform Commercial Spaces: The Art of Selling Wall Art and Murals

Tags: transformative-design, storytelling-walls, experience-architects, brand-champions, insta-worthy-interiors, commercial-interior-design, employee-wellbeing
An illustration of a beautiful model with a painted on a window.

What are the best subjects for Hair and Nail Salon mural art?

Captivating Mural Ideas for Hair and Nail Salons

Tags: salon mural art, hair salon mural ideas, nail salon mural ideas, mural painting for salons, creative salon decor, inspirational murals, playful salon design
An Illustration of a busy school hallway lined with artful murals and filled with students.

What are the best educational wall murals for schools?

Beyond Brick and Mortar: Transforming Schools with Educational Wall Murals

Tags: educational wall murals, school murals, classroom murals, learning environment, educational design, creative learning, student engagement
An illustration of a mural of a womans head on a city street

What's the difference between Graffiti, Murals, and Street Art?

Beyond the Spray Can: Decoding the World of Walls - Graffiti, Murals, and Street Art

Tags: street art, graffiti, murals, urban art, wall art, public art, street culture
A man prepares to paint a mural on a concrete wall.

How to get permission to paint a mural?

Unlocking Creativity: A Guide to Securing Permission for Your Mural Dream

Tags: mural, permission, painting, legality, public space, private property, community engagement
A cafe patreon stares inquisitively at a mural of an illustrated man.

How much does a custom mural cost?

Demystifying Mural Magic: Understanding the Factors Behind Custom Mural Pricing

Tags: custom murals, pricing, factors, commission, cost, estimates, mural artists
An illustration of an art gallery

Why are murals are important?

Beyond Blank Walls: Why Custom Murals Add Soul to Your Space

Tags: custom murals, wall art, interior design, business branding, creativity, expression, storytelling
An illustration of handprints on a cave wall.

What is a brief history of Wall Murals techniques from Ancient Times to Modern Masterpieces and the importance they play in human communication and social interaction?

From Cave Walls to Concrete Canvases: A Journey Through Mural Magic and the Rise of Direct-to-Wall Revolution

Tags: wall murals, mural history, ancient art, communication, social interaction, modern murals, direct-to-wall printing
An illustration of a modern art gallery.

What does the modern landscape of wall-covering services look-like for commercial interior designers and commercial contractors?

Beyond Paint and Paper: The Modern Evolution of Commercial Wall Coverings

Tags: commercial wall coverings, interior design, direct-to-wall printing, cost-effective solutions, versatility, sustainability, challenging surfaces
An illustration of of a brick wall with a cosmic landscapte mural.

How do different materials make great substrates for stunning outdoor murals, even on challenging surfaces like brick walls? And how do you choose which walls to be featured?

Beyond Paintbrushes: Conquering Any Canvas with LA Mural Printers' Direct-to-Wall Magic

Tags: outdoor murals, wall materials, brick walls, mural substrates, mural location, public art, direct-to-wall printing

What are great ways signage can play with coffee puns, incorporate menu highlights, and create a welcoming space for coffee enthusiasts?

Brewtiful Banter: How Signage Makes Your Coffee Shop the Bean's Best Friend

Tags: coffee shop signage, coffee puns, menu highlights, coffee shop design, customer experience, LA Mural Printers
An illustration of a woman enjoying a cocktail at a bar.

How can signage set the mood, highlight signature cocktails, and create a buzz-worthy atmosphere at my bar, while keeping up with seasonal offerings and sports events?

Beyond Neon: Transform Your Bar into a Buzzing Oasis with LA Mural Printers

Tags: bar signage, bar atmosphere, cocktail menu, seasonal drinks, sports bar, signage design, digital signage
An illustration of a full cafe of patreons enjoying coffee and food.

How can personalized signage and murals build community connections, tell your brand story, and attract local customers?

Beyond a Sign: Building Beacons of Community with Personalized Signage and Murals

Tags: personalized signage, custom murals, community building, local businesses, brand storytelling, visual merchandising, customer engagement
An illustration of pedestrians looking at a mural.

What are the important aspects I should consider when choosing between commissioning a muralist versus vertical CMYK printing?

Brushstrokes or Pixels: Unmasking the Mural Dilemma - Choosing Between Muralists and CMYK Printing

Tags: wall art, murals, CMYK printing, custom murals, office decor, business branding, interior design

If I'm not a creative person, how do I choose imagery for a wall mural that adds value to my office hallway or work area?

Mural Magic for the Uncreative: Choosing Imagery to Boost Your Office Vibe

Tags: office murals, workplace design, wall art, interior design, creative inspiration, employee engagement, productivity
An illustration of a cozy spa interior with seascape paintings hanging on the wall as patreons walk by in robes and towels.

I heard wall printing can be used to completely cover a door from edge to edge. How can I use this in my salon or spa businesses?

Unlocking the Door to Transformation: Unleashing the Power of Direct-to-Door Printing in Salons and Spas

Tags: direct-to-door printing, door murals, salon decor, spa decor, wall printing, interior design, customer experience
An illustration of a woman enjoying a cocktail at a restaurant counter.

Does wall art really improve my customers' overall experience and perception of my company?

Does Wall Art Really Elevate Your Customers' Experience? The Visual Revolution in Business Ambiance

Tags: wall art, murals, customer experience, brand perception, business ambiance, direct-to-wall printing, interior design
An illustration of a man painting a mural in cafe interior brick wall.

What is modern wall mural printing?

Beyond Paint and Paste: Why Direct-to-Wall Printing is Revolutionizing Wall Art

Tags: wall art, murals, giant wall murals, mural design, interior walls, exterior walls, big wall murals