Mural Magic for the Uncreative: Choosing Imagery to Boost Your Office Vibe

Fear not, non-artists! Discover expert tips and resources to select the perfect wall mural that inspires, motivates, and reflects your brand, even if creative juices aren't your forte.

LA logo as avatar representing LA Mural Printersby Philip D. WallsDec 16th, 2023

Does the thought of choosing an office mural send shivers down your non-creative spine? Fear not, fellow art-averse souls! With these handy tips and resources, you can transform your blank wall into a vibrant masterpiece that inspires, motivates, and reflects your brand identity, even without a paintbrush in sight.

1. Start with your brand:

Your office mural is a powerful tool for communicating your brand identity and values. Consider your brand's personality and the story you want to tell. Are you a tech startup aiming to inspire innovation? A law firm seeking to convey professionalism and trust? A creative agency looking to spark imagination? Choose imagery that reflects your unique brand voice.

2. Consider your audience:

Who will be viewing your mural? If it's for your employees, think about what motivates them and what kind of environment they want to work in. If it's for your customers, consider their demographics and interests. For example, a tech company might choose a futuristic cityscape to inspire employees, while a restaurant might opt for a vibrant mural of local landmarks to appeal to customers.

3. Think about functionality:

What purpose will your mural serve? Is it a conversation starter for your lobby, a motivational piece for your conference room, or a calming landscape for your break room? Choose imagery that serves your specific purpose.

4. Get inspired:

Still stuck? Browse our gallery of designs for inspiration, or collaborate with our artists to create a bespoke masterpiece that perfectly reflects your brand.

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